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Thursday, June 11, 2009

AL-GOV: Davis leads most of GOP field, Sparks leads half.

Via Public Policy Polling:

Bradley Byrne (R)-39%
Artur Davis (D)-35%

Artur Davis (D)-39%
Kay Ivey (R)-31%

Artur Davis (D)-37%
Tim James (R)-35%

Artur Davis (D)-41%
Roy Moore (R)-38%

Bradley Byrne (R)-41%
Ron Sparks (D)-27%

Ron Sparks (D)-33%
Kay Ivey (R)-29%

Tim James (R)-32%
Ron Sparks (D)-32%

Roy Moore (R)-38%
Ron Sparks (D)-36%

We start out with embarrasingly low polling in Alabama of all places against the Democrats. I've got 2 questions, what is a Democrat doing LEADING in Alabama and since when does a Congressman outpoll a Statewide Officer for Governor? Give it time, and look to see the GOP improve against the Center-Left, Populist Democrats here. Go Moore!

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