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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap & TAX passes House, on to the Senate

219-212 was the margin.

The 44 House Democrats that voted against the bill: Stark(CA), Davis(AL), Kucinich(OH), Visclosky(IN), Costa(CA), Costello(IL), DeFazio(OR), Barrow(GA), Foster(IL), Arcuri(NY), Donnelly(NY), Kissell(NC), Ortiz(TX), Wilson(OH), Dahlkemper(PA), Rodriguez(TX), Massa(NY), McIntyre(NC), Mitchell(AZ), Nye(VA), Salzar(CO), Altmire(PA), Holden(PA), Kirkpatrick(AZ), Rahall(WV), Tanner(TN), Ross(AR), Berry(AR), Carney(PA), Ellsworth(IN), Herseth-Sandlin(SD), Mollohan(WV), Marshall(GA), Pomeroy(ND), Griffifth(AL), Melancon(LA), Boren(OK), Childers(MS), Davis(TN), Matheson(UT), Bright(AL), Minnick(ID), Edwards(TX), Taylor(MS).

The 8 House Republicans that voted FOR this bill: Smith(NJ), Bono Mack(CA), Lance(NJ), McHugh(NY), Reichert(WA), LoBiondo(NJ), Kirk(IL), Castle(DE).

The Republicans that voted for Cap & TAX are TRAITORS, pure and simple. This thing still has to go through the Senate. I expect it to fail. I have hope that Sen's Evan Bayh, Kent Conrad, Byron Dorgan, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Mary Landireu, Jon Tester, Max Baucus, Russ Feingold, Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter, Bob Casey Jr, Jim Webb, Mark Begich, Tim Johnson, and Joe Lieberman to have enough sense not to vote for this. Call these people and tell them not to destroy our economy like this. The situation this country is in reminds me of the words of this song:

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