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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HR-2346 Passes

A complete waste of $106 Billion.

Yesterday, the House passed the Iraq and Afghanistan War Funding bill by a margin of 226-202. The bill also included $5 Billion that would go to the International Monetary Fund.

Here are the 32 Democrats that voted no on this bill: Baldwin (WI), Capuano (MA), Conyers (MI), Doggett (TX), Edwards (MD), Ellison (MN), Farr (CA), Filner (CA), Grayson (FL), Grijalva (AZ), Honda (CA), Kaptur (OH), Kucinich (OH), Lee (CA), Lofgren (CA), Massa (NY), McGovern (MA), Michaud (ME), Payne (NJ), Pingree (ME), Polis (CO), Serrano (NY), Shea-Porter (NH), Sherman (CA), Speier (CA), Stark (CA), Tierney (MA), Tsongas (MA), Waters (CA), Watson (CA), Welch (VT), Woolsey (CA).

And here are the 5 Republicans who voted for this bill: Cao (LA), King (NY), Kirk (IL), McHugh (NY), Miller (MI).

We should not be bailing out European national banks.. Those 5 Republicans are of no use to my party, so screw em'.

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