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Monday, June 22, 2009

Polling Roundup 6/22

NY-GOV: A new Siena College poll taken yesterday evening shows former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani leading Governor David Paterson, but trailing State AG and Village Idiot Andrew Cuomo. The poll also showed Cuomo leading Paterson in the Primary. The results, 57-27 Giuliani over Paterson, 49-40 Cuomo over Giuliani, and 69-19 Cuomo over Paterson. However, Giuliani has stated that he wont run, so these are meaningless.

OH-GOV: A new PPP poll shows DEMOCRATIC Governor Ted Strickland narrowly leading former Congressman John Kasich. The results: 44-42 Strickland. We must never falter on this one, all members of the Democratic Taliban must be beaten. Go Kasich!!!

KS-SEN: A new Survey USA poll shows Moderate Congressman Jerry Moran with a slight lead over Conservative Congressman Todd Tiahrt. The results: 40-38 Moran. Tiahrt losing would be a shot in the head to Conservatism itself, so we absolutely cannot falter on this one. GO TIAHRT!!!

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