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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Polling Roundup

OR-GOV: A new Moore Information Poll shows 2 out of 3 Democrats leading GOP Congressman Greg "Cup of Wonder" Walden. The results: former Governor John Kitzhaber up 42-38, Congressman Peter DeFazio up 41-37, and Congressman Walden up 39-35 over State SoS and failed 2002 Senate candidate Bill Bradbury. He's our only hope, Go Cup of Wonder!!!

PA-SEN: New Rasmussen Reports polls show Benedict Arlen in good shape for the Primary and the General. They also tested Specter's Primary opponent, Congressman Joe Sestak, against the GOP candidate Pat Toomey. The results: 51-32 Specter over Sestak, 50-39 Specter over Toomey, and 41-35 Sestak over Toomey. Go Toomey!!!

2012 President: A new Public Policy Poll is showing Obama leading all GOP contenders for the Presidency. The results: 49-41 over Newt Gingrich, 52-40 over Sarah Palin, 50-43 over Mike Huckabee, and 48-40 over Mitt Romney. Go Gingrich!!!

VA-GOV: A new Research 2000 poll shows that the dawn of a new era is arising in VA. The results: AG Bob McDonnell leads State Senator Creigh Deeds 45-44. I can officially proclaim,The Heat is on in this race. Go McDonnell!!!

HI-GOV: A new, and disappointing, Research 2000 poll shows all Democrats leading GOP Lt. Gov. James Aiona. The results: Congressman Neil Abercrombie up 45-36 and Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann up 44-34. The poll also shows Abercrombie leading Hannemann 42-22 in the Democratic Primary. Go Aiona!!!

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