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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VA-GOV Results Thread

Deeds up so far by a vote of 7-4 over McCauliffe. Moran shut out.

7:11 Update: Deeds up 67%-19%-14%. This is SW VA reporting, Deeds' home turf, so this is to be expected.

7:20 Update: 54-23-23 Deeds.

7:24 Update: 52 Deeds, 25 Moran, 23 McCauliffe.

7:33 Update: 53 Deeds, 24 McCauliffe, 23 Moran.

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7:37 Update: 25% in, and it's 51-25-24 Deeds. Not looking good for McCauliffe.

7:41 Update: I may be calling this sooner than I thought. Why?

1. His rural margins are insurmountable. In one particular county he had over 90% of the vote! And we are still waiting upon his home county and many others.
2. He is winning in North VA!
3. He is around tied for winning in the population centers of the tidewater area and winning Henrico county.
4. NoVa can't save Moran. He is polling horribly everywhere else in the state.

7:45 Update: 50-26-24 Deeds.

7:48 Update: 46% in. Deeds +24.

7:57 Update: 56% in. McCauliffe and Moran are sinking like rocks. Note to Democrat candidates in VA; never campaign like a Progressive. As McCauliffe and Moran can attest, that stuff flies over like a lead balloon.

8:02 Update: Conservative State Project projects Creigh Deeds the winner of the VA Democratic Primary, earning the right to lose to McDonnell in November. Go McDonnell! 60% in, and Deeds defeats McCauliffe and Moran 50-26-24.

8:13 Update: Lets see how well Deeds did tonight countywise. Amelia, Charles City, Newport News, Norton, Petersburg and Tazewell counties are the only counties that are not going for Deeds. The rest either are, Too Close To Call, or 0% in.

8:26 Update: I'm done with this thread.


  1. Do you have a state website that you can post both here and on Redstate?

  2. Sorry I see you already have one up at Redstate. I have bookmarked you so I hope you are going to be going heavy on the local politics :-)