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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senate Updates:

MN-SEN: Oh joy. After a prolonged 6 month battle with the Courts, the Courts ruled in favor of Comedian?, former Air America Radio Show host, and escapee from the insane asylum Al Franken. The election certificate was signed, and Franken will be seated next week. Congrats Minnesota, you've elected probably the biggest moron in the history of this country(second only to Sean Penn), and I'd hate to say this, but you will pay, big time, for this. The voters have spoken, and for that, they shall suffer, because now they have to pay for his LSD trips with taxpayer dollars. Again, I hope you're happy Minnesota.

NH-SEN: Finally some good news. Former Senator? John Sununu will not run for the GOP nomination.(HT: CQ Politics) Ah goodie, one less Moderate we have to worry about. We need a true Conservative here, or else I will not worry about losing here.

CT-SEN: Economist and CSP endorsee Peter Schiff, who's been considering running for Chris Dodd's Senate seat, released an internal poll taken for him by Wilson Research Strategies. Schiff loses the general to Dodd, 42-38. Better news here is that Dodd is still getting creamed ex-Rep. Rob Simmons, 47-38(lets hope it stays that way :-)). One thing the poll doesn't test results in the GOP primary.

OH-SEN: Car dealer Tom Ganley announced his candidacy for the GOP primary for the open Senate seat. Ganley owns 38 dealerships, so he's not just your average used car dealer. He vows to self-fund Romney style in his DOA fight against former Congressman Rob Portman.

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