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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Abolishing the IRS starts here

Interesting email:

How Big Will Your National Campaign for Passage of Your FairTax Be?

It is up to YOU!

Our Goal for the launch of our National Campaign to 140,000,000+ voters in the United States is $250,000. We have $92,000 in, leaving us $158,000 to raise. With your investment of $50 or $100 today, we can move close to the goal line!

Invest Now in Your FairTax National Campaign Invest Now in Your FairTax National Campaign!

The FairTax Plan features:

* no federal income taxes,
* no payroll taxes,
* no self-employment taxes,
* no capital gains taxes,
* no gift or estate taxes,
* no alternative minimum taxes,
* no corporate taxes,
* no payroll withholding,
* no taxes on Social Security benefits or pension benefits,
* no personal tax forms,
* no personal or business income tax record keeping, and
* no personal income tax filing whatsoever.

It is a lot to ask you to invest, $50 or $100. But this is the big one; this is the drive to win. We get started big, we get started right, and we can do it! If we all pitch in, we will overcome the special interests, the politically privileged class. We will close the IRS; repeal the 16th Amendment, and make our federal taxes fair and equitable forever.

I am a volunteer Director, and have personally invested $200 today. By investing $200, I have given at least twice what you will invest today.

How much return can you expect for your investment? It is so great you probably cannot even calculate it. Go ahead, try: No more income taxes. No more capital gains taxes. No more death taxes. No more Social Security taxes. No more payroll taxes, withholding for Social Security and Medicare. No more taxes on Social Security benefits or pension benefits. No more self-employment taxes. No more taxes on interest, stocks, pensions, or the sale of your home.

Just a sales tax on new items which everyone, including those here illegally or who earn money via illegal means, pays. No special breaks for certain classes of people or products or companies. Everyone is treated the same, equitably, fairly.

Eighty economists, including the Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Vernon L. Smith have called upon Congress to pass the FairTax.

Alan Greenspan says a consumption tax, such as the FairTax, "could certainly meet the fundamental criteria of being simple, fair, and pro-growth."

Retired Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors Member Wayne Angell says, "the economic benefits of the FairTax Plan are compelling. The FairTax Plan eliminates the tax bias against work, saving, and investment, which would lead to higher rates of economic growth, faster growth in productivity, more jobs, lower interest rates, and a higher standard of living for the American people."

The FairTax will put trillions of dollars into our economy as funds which are in offshore banks and investments in income tax avoidance schemes comes home—enough to create an economic boom for a generation or more.

Every investment of $50 or $100 earns a full year's membership in your FairTax organization. We will mail your Membership Card out to your right away when you invest.

But more importantly, you will be making the best investment of your life: just think what ridding the nation of $100 donors will receive a copy of The FairTax Solution by Ken Hoaglandeverything but a sales tax will do for us, for our children, for our grandkids, for our beloved nation.

Undecided on whether to invest $50 or $100? Let me help. Invest $100 and you not only receive a year’s FairTax membership but I will reserve a first-edition, personally signed copy of my upcoming book: The FairTax Solution. It will be published in March of next year, and will mail your copy out to you at no cost if you will invest $100 now in your National FairTax campaign.

Watch your National Campaign Fund grow! Do your part!

Act now! Invest $50 or $100.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Urgently yours,

Ken Hoagland
FairTax Director

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