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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Gerry Purcell, GOP candidate for GA Insurance Commissioner

Dear Facebook Friends:

Georgia has a bloated bureaucracy. It is costing taxpayers, both our citizens and businesses, millions of dollars annually. Part of the problem is that we have outdated laws, some of which are over 100 years old and have never gone through a structured audit and review process.

Conservative columnist, Kyle Wingfield, nailed the problem in yesterday's AJC. He pointed out that Georgia has 133 state agencies, offices, departments and commissions compared to Texas, which has around 150. Considering that the population of Texas is two and a half times larger than Georgia, we have some opportunities to streamline Georgia's government, eliminating both outdated laws and un-needed layers of bureaucracy.

Some areas of government like the Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner's offices have already gone through streamlining processes with good results. We need a global mechanism, though, to identify overlap between all of the 133 offices. We need a flatter, leaner government and the first step is to require that every state office and every state law be substantiated and re-justified minimally every ten to twenty years.

Over the last six months on the campaign trail, I have been pointing out the need for sunset laws and an audit of the Georgia Code. Texas is a good model to look at, having saved as much as $700 million through these efforts.

We can start by asking our legislators to support the Georgia Government Accountability Act (H.B. 236) introduced by Rep Charlice Byrd.

With tax revenues down by as much as 20%, we will have some hard choices over the next few years. Let's make these decisions in a business like fashion with a structured process to guide our efforts.

Join me in calling for smarter, more streamlined and more efficient government.

Your servant,

Gerry Purcell

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