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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tom Dooley on the Border

Here's what he'd like to try to get done with the issue of the Border if elected to Congress:

Sept, 28 2009
Secure the Borders Act”

Title 1—Secure the Borders Activities

Purpose: To secure the borders of the United States

Section 1:Provide no federal funds for any sanctuary city. Enforce all current immigration laws.

Section 2: Fence the southern border, Clear 1000 yards of all vegetation and buildings. Construct an additional triple strand constantina wire fence 1000 yards from the border fence. This provides a buffer zone.

Section 3: Construct Border Patrol Buildings with holding cells every 100 mile across the border and staff with 18 border patrol agents. Provide 2 patrol vehicles per building for constant patrolling. Provide electronic monitoring of border to include night vision, motion, and close circuit monitoring.

Section 4: Put in at random strategic locations across the border, hidden fields of autonomous dye pack release mechanisms (dye packs such as banks use). This will provide an easy identification of persons that enter the country illegally, or conducting illegal activities within the buffer zone.

Section 5: hold all persons collected until end of shift,Documented American Citizens apprehended within the buffer zone will be transferred to local police for booking at the end of every shift. Illegal persons will be returned to the nearest border crossing for transfer back to their home country at the end of every shift.

Section 6: All in-bound vessels shall go through an off shore sail-thru inspection station. (currently less than 1% of in-bound vessels are inspected) This was proposed in 2006 by the Center for Intelligence Studies which has never been acted upon.

Your thoughts.

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