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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Canadian Politician Leaves US After Surgery

Via The Examiner:

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams was released from a U.S. hospital on Friday after having to flee his own dysfunctional government-run health care system in order to obtain a critical heart surgery. While the procedure Williams needed does exist in Canada, it is widely unavailable.

This is due to the inevitable rationing (i.e., 'death panels') that occurs when government takes over health care and makes things more "fair"--by destroying competition, limiting consumer choice and creating shortages of doctors. This is the system Obama wants to duplicate here.

And such blatant special treatment for politicians is adding fuel to the fires of discontent in Canada, where citizens are forced to suffer through a broken, inferior government system that only works for the most superficial health care needs...while the leftist elites who force this insanity on everyone else get to be exempted and fly here for quality free market care.

This pretty much deflates the Liberals accusations of our HealthCare system being the worst ever. Foreign Leadersm, Assemblymen, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, etc have ALL come here when their own HealthCare system won't takecare of them. Eat it lefties.

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