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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Candidates I'm Supporting

President in 2012:

Ron Paul


AZ-SEN: JD Hayworth

CO-SEN: Ken Buck

CA-SEN: Chuck DeVore

GA-SEN: Chuck Donovan

UT-SEN: Tim Bridgewater

FL-SEN: Marco Rubio

IN-SEN: John Hostettler

KS-SEN: Rand Paul

NH-SEN: Ovide LaMontage

NV-SEN: Sue Lowden

KS-SEN: Todd Tiahrt

PA-SEN: Peg Lusisk

TX-SEN: Michael Williams

MO-SEN: Chuck Purgason

SC-SEN: Jim DeMint


AL-02: Rick Barber

GA-02: Mike Keown

GA-04: Larry Gause

GA-08: Valerie S. Meyers

GA-09: Bert Loftman

GA-13: Mike Frisbee

PA-12: Tim Burns

TX-14: Ron Paul

SC-03: Mike Vasovski

SC-05: Mick Mulvaney

MD-01: Andy Harris


GA-GOV: John Oxendine

TX-GOV: Rick Perry

Secretary of State:

GA-SoS: Brian Kemp

I’ll add more later. I hope you’ll look at them and consider supporting them, funding them, and praying for them.


  1. Have you considered Martha Roby in AL-2? She has a proven conservative record and can beat Bobby Bright, as she consistently fought against his big-spending, high-taxing ways in Montgomery.

  2. Isn't she backed by establishment Republicans? If I have to choose between the NRCC backed candidate and the Tea Party candidate, I always pick the Tea Party candidate.