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Friday, February 12, 2010

Concerned Citizen E-mails Glenn Beck

And speaks truth to power:

I was excited to hear that you were going to have Debra Medina on, a true 9/12 candidate, not like the other two big-government Republicans on the ballot.

So, like I've done every day since I first heard your show in 2003, I tuned in to listen to you.

And I was shocked, ashamed, and embarrassed that I had told so many people to listen to you over the years.

Your ambush of Debra Medina was shameful, Glenn. What's worse, you keep laughing it off, and claiming you were in the right and she was in the wrong, when the exact opposite is true. You sucker-punched her, and now refuse to admit what you've done.

You have attacked a Tea Party Mom candidate. Shame on you, Glenn.

You need to apologize, NOW. As much as it pains me to say this, I will no longer listen to your show on WGST here in the Atlanta area until I hear that you've done so.


Bill Greene

This is awesome, we need more people to e-mail Beck about his disparaging attack on Medina. Your thoughts.

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