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Friday, February 26, 2010

GA-GOV, LT GOV: Georgia Political Couple Running for Office

From GPB News:

Georgia now has a couple running for the top two offices in the state. Carol Porter today became the first Democrat to run for Lieutenant Governor, while her husband DuBose hopes to become governor.

Carol Porter filled in for her husband at a few early gubernatorial debates. Then, two weeks ago, she started thinking of challenging Republican Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.

"The status quo is not working," Porter says. "Georgia needs leadership in the Lieutenant Governor’s office that is passionate, that is informed, and most important, that is willing to put the voice of the people first. I will be that voice."

Porter says the Georgia Democratic Party needs to broaden its reach. Her husband DuBose stood by her side as she made her announcement inside the Capitol. He only had one comment.

"If you do want family values in Georgia, elect a Georgia family," he quipped.

This is the first time in Georgia history that a couple is seeking the top two state posts.

At least the Dems got somebody to run for the LT GOV position, but still expect Incumbent Casey Cagle to smash Carol Porter 63-37, and DuBose will lose the Dem Primary for Goivernor, finishing near last. Your thoughts.

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