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Friday, February 19, 2010

Glenn Beck Loses Nearly 500,000 Viewers after Debra Medina Smear!

Great news from Project Nsearch:

It's great to see that Americans are waking up to the Benedict Arnold, Glenn Beck who tried his best to smear Debra Medina who believes in the Constitution and wants to end the Federal Reserve private bank. Glenn Beck can't have that! He wants you to elect New World Order elites like Perry who attend secret Bilderberger meetings against Federal law. Check out the numbers for Beck before and after his attempt to take down a true Constitutionalist

2/9/10 Glenn Beck – 3,057,000 viewers
2/10/10 Glenn Beck – 2,969,000 viewers **Day of the Medina incident
2/11/10 Glenn Beck – 2,623,000 viewers
2/12/10 Glenn Beck – 2,516,000 viewers

Keep spreading the truth about New World Order whores like Glenn Beck.

This is absolutely great. I feel betrayed by Beck since I was once an avid follower of his. We need to elect strict Constitutionalists like Medina, Ron Paul, Jake Towne, Mike Vasovski, Bert Loftman, John Dennis, RJ Harris, David Ratowitz, Rand Paul, etc. Your thoughts.

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