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Monday, February 15, 2010

GOP Poised for more Massachusetts Victories?

That's what Nikitas3 at RedState says:

Up here in western Massachusetts the Berkshire County Republican Association held its annual Lincoln Day dinner on Friday. It was an upbeat occasion in a place where the Republican party is a shell of its former self. But the election of Scott Brown has rocked us all.

At the dinner we hosted three great candidates for office in the Bay State. And their victories in the Fall elections will mark a turning point for left-wing liberalism in New England.

Our keynote speaker was Charlie Baker, who is very likely to be the next governor of Massachusetts because the people of this state are extremely anxious about the future and want change. The current governor, lefty Democrat Deval Patrick, is not popular. Baker showed us in a sobering and rational speech why he is going to win in November.

It would be interesting if this does happen. I see Baker as the next MA Governor. I haven't looked into the Congressional races as of yet. Your thoughts

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