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Friday, February 26, 2010

ND-SEN: Awesome Piece Against Hoeven

Via Grand Forks Hearld:

North Dakota Republicans are rallying around U.S. Senate candidate Paul Sorum for a reason: He is a true conservative and, according to recent elections and every poll across the nation, the most conservative candidates will win in November.

Republicans know North Dakota Democrats plan to run a candidate who is more conservative than Gov. John Hoeven. It wouldn’t be hard for them to do. If Hoeven wins the nomination of the North Dakota GOP, the Democrats in North Dakota once again will steal the election for U.S. Senator away from the Republicans by running their own “conservative” candidate.

A conservative Democrat could attack Hoeven as a big-spending career politician, which his record confirms. Over the past eight years, Hoeven has doubled spending in the state and now is holding $700 million of taxpayers’ money in the Bank of North Dakota. It is immoral for any government to tax its citizens more than is needed.

A real conservative would reduce the size of state government and give the $700 million back to taxpayers where it rightfully belongs, especially in a recession.

The only Republican U.S. Senate candidate in North Dakota who actually can win in November is the real conservative, Sorum. Sorum, the only true Reagan conservative, will be virtually impossible for the Democrats to beat in November.

Awesome! It shows that Hoeven would be a horrible choice and is not as Conservative as we all contend. Your thoughts.

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