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Friday, February 12, 2010

ND-SEN: Hoeven Posts Big Leads, Pomeroy in Deep Shit

Via Rasmussen Reports:

Incumbent Governor John Hoeven (R) 71%
State Senator Tracy Potter (D)17%
Others 4%
Undecided 8%

Incumbent Governor John Hoeven (R) 65%
former Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp (D) 29%
Undecided 5%

North Dakota House At-Large 2010

State Rep. & Businessman Rick Berg (R) 46%
Incumbent U. S. Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) 40%
Others 3%

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) 45%
Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer (R) 44%
Others 3%
Undecided 7%

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) 47%
Paul Schaffner (R) 38%
Others 5%
Undecided 10%

Job Appovals

President Obama

Approve 39%
Disapprove 58%

Governor John Hoeven (R)

Approve 85 %
Disapprove 12%

I'm chalking up ND-SEN as a solid GOP GAIN and ND-AL as a TOSSUP at the moment. Your thoughts.

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