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Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama to Force Through Extremist Nominees

Via The Examiner:

Frustrated with such pesky nuisances as the Constitution, Obama now says he intends to circumvent the entire Senate confirmation process to railroad through 177 radical left-wing nominees--many of whom are opposed by both parties--while Congress is still in recess.

As I have noted, throwing the rule of law (and the will of the people) under the bus for partisan gain is nothing new to Mr. Obama. But the level of disregard he has reached at this point is simply staggering. Still, this particular tactic has been used by other presidents, including Republicans.

The difference is that Democrats, including Obama himself, scathingly trashed President Bush for using it when their own far more relentless and unwarranted obstructionism forced the issue years ago.

Doesn't every President do this? Time to get back to the Constitution IMO. Your thoughts.

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