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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Question Without Boldness: Why Glenn Beck Jumped the Shark

Great article from The Tenth Amendment Center:

At the risk of being redundant, I must join Michael in pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of Glenn Beck’s hatchet job of a radio interview this past week with Texas gubernatorial candidate, Debra Medina.

Although he has long styled himself as an inconoclast; repeatedly reciting the above quote from Thomas Jefferson (to the point of including it in his TV show’s opening credits), Beck still seems to believe that, beyond the existence of God, there are some things that must never ever be questioned.

And apparently one of them is the integrity of the federal government’s version of events leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.

Far be it from any citizen to wonder if there might be more to that story than what they have been told. After all, the federal government has never treated its subjects (Whoops, I meant “the people”) with anything but candor and respect.

But, in the end, despite his irrational attempts to paint Medina’s healthy skepticism of government as fringe conspiracy theorizing, it is Beck’s own integrity that has been called into question yet again.

You know my thoughts, so please share your thoughts.

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