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Sunday, February 7, 2010

RedState's Erick Erickson Opens His Big Mouth...AGAIN-Part 3

And pines out yet another gem from the printing presses of faux Conservatism:

Yesterday over at RedState I wrote some more about John Oxendine’s attacks on Lynn Westmoreland due to Westmoreland’s refusal to endorse the guy. For background on this read this post by Icarus, which should disturb all the conservatives on here.

That a guy like the Ox has the temerity to attack a real conservative like Westmoreland through Georgia Public Television is beyond the pale.

One of the commenters at RedState noted that “this is why it is dangerous to be a blindfolded party guy”. This goes to a larger point I’ve made for some time.

A lot of the people who initially surrounded Oxendine were people willing to back him because he’s been the longest serving statewide elected Republican. The people who surrounded him were party guys first and all things second. They had and have little sensical policy positions, but are all about winning at all costs.

Much like the dogs that catch the cars, they’d be run over should they win the primary or, God forbid, bet elected.

Oxendine is a Republican. If you put your blindfold on, I guess that might be good enough for you. But if you take off the party blindfold and look at the guy, it’s kind of hard to see any lasting principles beyond his loyalty to himself.

I suspect a steady drumbeat of stories will start coming out — particularly from insurance executive around the state who all share the same story. They had business with the Ox. He called to tell them he was personally handling the business. Then he said his staff told him the insurance executive had promised a donation and the staff wanted the Ox to follow up with it.

That story is whispered about too commonly across the state among those in the insurance industry. We’ll see if there is any truth to it. I suspect the Ox, in pissing off Lynn Westmoreland, has fatally wounded his own campaign.

Good riddance.

First off, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Oxendine is the REAL DEAL and should be seriously considered by the Conservative Movement as a man with a proven track record of following through with his promises and one who has shown very Conservative Leadership over the GA Insurance Department. And the Blagojevich comparisons are simply beyond the pale IMO. And the claims about Ox playing politics on the SEUS investigation is a big, fat lie. The fact that he's going after this company to sniff out the real evildoers in society is commendable. He's not just going after Westmoreland, but he is, from what I hear, about to go after Attorney General candidate Rob Teilhet for his associations with SEUS. IMO, it shows statesmanship and backbone to go after people regardless of Political Party.

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