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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RedState's Erick Erickson Opens His Big Mouth...AGAIN-Part 4

From the printing presses of Faux Conservatism, the Little Magician Erick Erickson pulls another rabbit out of his hat:

The AJC has a story about the GOP establishment becoming less than comfortable with John Oxendine’s campaign.

Georgia’s Republican establishment is showing signs of discomfort with the prospect that John Oxendine will be the party’s nominee for governor, despite his popularity with many voters and status as early front-runner.

I am quoted in the story, but I think my most important point was left out.

We are facing a Republican leadership in the state that is privately whispering at a ferocious rate that John Oxendine is going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, vulnerable nominee should he get the nomination.

But these same men knew exactly what Glenn Richardson was doing and who too. These are the same men who did nothing after his attempted suicide, though to be fair, I agreed. It took the former Mrs. Richardson making the whole thing so embarrassing for the Republican leaders to make them do anything.

If not even the attempted suicide could force these men to have a come to Jesus meeting with the Speaker of the House, what the hell do we expect them to do with John Oxendine? They’ll just sit around and pray the political fall out from John Oxendine’s fall from power does not affect their own electoral chances. And hell, one of them is term limited anyway.

First off, and this is the general implication of the preceding paragraphs, Oxendine has by and far NOTHING to hide. The investigations and audits to him and organizations within the Insurace Department are complete and total baloney, orchestrated by the hard left in their attempt to dethrone one of the most honest and capable leaders in our states history. If anything, Ox is the more Conservative and electable choice, and will carry many more GOPers into office on his coattails come November. GO OXENDINE!!!

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