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Friday, February 12, 2010

RI-01: Congressman Patrick Kennedy to Retire


For decades, there has been a member of the Kennedy family in Congress, sometimes more than one serving at the same time.

But now that legacy is coming to a close.

Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy says he will not run for re-election. He made the announcement in a pre-taped message set to air on television Sunday night.

This is pretty good news for the GOP and will probably bolster the candidacy of State House Minority Leader John Loughlin. Your thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. No family in American history - not the Roosevelt, not the Adams, and certainly not the Bush families - have paid a higher price in the service of the people than the Kennedys. And to be perfectly honest with you, I'm sick and tired of listening to them get kicked around by the clueless right wing.

    It was announced yesterday that Ben Quayle, son of the former vice-president, will be running for congress. We here, at this glorious moment in the history of our great nation, are proud and privileged to bear witness to the birth of the Quayle family political dynasty.

    I need a drink.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY