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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea partiers pull back from alliance with SC GOP

Via Politico:

The alliance between the South Carolina Republican Party and the state’s tea party organizations seems to have lasted less than a week, as grassroots groups chafed at the idea of being absorbed into the party apparatus.

The partnership announced Monday by state GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd and Harry Kibler of the Upstate Coalition of Conservative Organizations, an umbrella group of tea party organizations, was intended to create liaisons between the state party and the grass roots and help the two work together to elect more conservative Republicans.

“This agreement is a start,” Kibler said Monday. “Having our groups work together will be of great benefit to the Republican Party and the state of South Carolina.”

But after getting calls from tea party groups across the country accusing the South Carolina organizations of selling out to the GOP, Kibler and the groups he represents are backing away from the state party.

“Everybody started dumping on Harry. He was getting calls from tea party people in California asking ‘Why did you sell us out?’” Roan A. Garcia-Quintana, executive director of the South Carolina group Americans Have Had Enough, said in an interview Friday.

This is great news. Tea Partiers are finally waking up to the GOP's attempts to absorb them. Your thoughts.

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