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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thoughts on Yesterday Evenings IL Primaries

Here's the Vote Totals from the Chicago Sun-Times:

IL Governor

Democratic Primary

Quinn 451,702 Votes = 50 %
Hynes 444,500 Votes = 50 %

Quinn leads by 7,202 Votes. There are 97 Precincts left to count. 96 of them are in Cook County which Quinn won 54-46, 1 Precinct is outstanding in St. Clair County (Hynes won it 53-47). Barring any unforseen strong showing in Cook County by Hynes, Quinn will win this by around 12,000 Votes when all is said and done.

IL Governor

Republican Primary

This Race is even closer then the Democratic Primary

Brady 154,646 Votes = 20 %
Dillard 154,143 Votes = 20 %
McKenna 146,614 Votes = 19 %
Ryan 129,686 Votes = 17 %
Andrzejewski 109,954 Votes = 14 %
Proft 58,861 Votes = 8 %
Schillerstrom 7,343 Votes = 1 %

Brady leads by 503 Votes.. Here also are 97 Precincts left to count. 96 of them in Cook County where Dillard won 18-5 over Brady. I think Dillard will pull ahead sometime today.

Onto the November Races:

US Senate

Alexander "Alexi" Giannoulias (D) vs Mark Steven Kirk (R)

US House

IL-01: Bobby Rush (D) vs Unopposed

IL-02: Jesse Jackson Jr. (D) vs Isaac Hayes (R)

IL-03: Daniel Lipinkski (D) vs Michael Bendas (R)

IL-04: Luis Gutierrez (D) vs Unopposed

IL-05: Mike Quigley (D) vs David Ratowitz (R)

IL-06: Peter Roskam (R) vs Benjamin Lowe (D)

IL-07: Danny K. Davis (D) vs Mark Weiman (R)

IL-08: Melissa Bean (D) - Joe Walsh (R)

IL-09: Jan Schakowsky (D) - Joel Pollak (R)

IL-10(Open): Daniel Seals (D) - Robert Dold (R)

IL-11: Debbie Halvorson (D) - Adam Kinzinger (R)

IL-12: Jerry Costello (D) - Teri Newman (R)

IL-13: Judy Biggert (R) - Scott Harper (D)

IL-14: Bill Foster (D) - Randy Hultgren (R)

IL-15: Tim Johnson (R) - David Gill (D)

IL-16: Donald Manzullo (R) - George Gaulrapp (D)

IL-17: Phil Hare (D) - Bobby Schilling (R)

IL-18: Aaron Schock (R) - Deirdre Hirner (D)

IL-19: John Shimkus (R) - Tim Bagwell (D)

My predictions:

Democrats retain districts 1-5, 7, 9, 12, and 17. The GOP retains districts 6, 13, 15-16, and 18-19, and picks up 8, 11, and 14.

Your thoughts.


  1. Don't know much about that race, so would you please care to share why you think the GOP picks up that race?

  2. Because in yesterday's primary there was only an 851 vote difference between the two candidates for starters. Hare 32,496 and Schilling 31645. Here is a link you might want to take a look at : They break down the numbers county by county.