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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bridgewater Says Bennett's Economic Stance Finally on Par, Questions Election-Year Timing

E-mail from the Bridgewater for US Senate campaign:

SOUTH JORDAN, UT – Republican Senate candidate Tim Bridgewater issued the following statement today in response to Senator Bennett’s recently introduced Economic Disaster Prevention Act:

“During Senator Bennett’s 18 years in office, he has habitually voted for legislation that increases spending and adds to the federal deficit, earning him a reputation as a consistent big government spender. Furthermore, he has repeatedly voted for pork barrel projects including the $300 million “Bridge to Nowhere”, and helped lead the charge for the TARP legislation that encouraged wasteful spending by Washington at an unprecedented rate. Recently, Bennett put forward a healthcare proposal that includes an unconstitutional mandate and a government option.

“I applaud his election-year decision to finally put forward this piece of legislation that addresses spending and entitlement programs, but I wonder why it has taken him so long to do so.”

Bridgewater has joined other conservatives from across the country in supporting budget reform measures, specifically a moratorium on earmarks and a new push for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

“As a small business entrepreneur, my approach in Washington will be to run this country's budget more like a business. In order to succeed, we must make difficult choices. I’ve made those tough choices in my business practices. I know how to manage cash flow, make necessary funding cuts, and tighten a budget in order to survive difficult economic times.

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