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Monday, March 1, 2010

CA-SEN: Tom Campbell: Anti-Israel, Jihad Appeaser?

From Uncoverage:

Tom Campbell is a classic “paper tiger”–Stanford-educated, good “paper” credentials, sleek turns-of-the-phrase— can’t govern his way out of a paper bag.

Tom Campbell is a RINO-whiner tax-raising, political “dilettante.” Campbell is budget advisor to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a dubious “accomplishment”, since California has a budget deficit of at least $21 billion and 12.5% unemployment.

Campbell showed his political wimp-tardiness once again last month by announcing that he was going to run as a Republican for California governor and then abruptly placed tail firmly between legs and backed out, to run instead for U.S. Senate. He denies that he was pressured to do so by the money-loaded Meg Whitman campaign, which another GOP candidate, Steve Poizner has accused of trying to “buy” him to quit so that ebay former CEO Whitman can run unopposed in the primary.

Tom Campbell was a California Congressman in the late 80s and 90s.

Into this cauldron of thin Campbell’s “soup” there are now new revelations that Campbell is an anti-Semite,and anti-Israel and has received large donations from terrorist Muslim groups which blame the U.S. government for 9/11. He even testified before Congress in support of these groups. Combed-over-and-over-again candidates like Tom Campbell we do not need. Read Pamela Geller’s and Phil Klein’s coverage on the depth of Tom Campbell’s troubling ties to the radical elements, including GOP front-man Grover Norquist,who seek to destroy this country HERE and HERE. Please make use of all links to source articles, there is much to know.

This is rather odd of a candidate to do. I was never a fan of Campbell, but his alleged anti-semetic/anti-Israel and pro-Jihad views are those that turn real people off rather quickly. Your thoughts.

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  1. You need to catch up. Being called an antisemite is actually going to be a plus in this year's elections.