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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conservative State Project Endorses Sue Lowden for NV-SEN

Joining John Oxendine and John Hostettler on our roster of endorsements is Sue Lowden, who is running to defeat my least favorite Senator Harry Reid. Here are the issues I base my support of Lowden on:

1. Taxes: If elected, Lowden has stated that she will work to cut taxes. Lowden believes that reducing taxes is not just an economic issue, but it is a moral issue. And that there are two fundamental lines of thinking on taxes. One is that if you want to increase revenue to the federal government, you take more from working families by way of higher taxes and bring that money to Washington. The other is if you want to increase revenue, you get the government off our backs, reduce our taxes, and encourage economic activity. Senator Reid comes down on the former, while Lowden comes down on the latter. She will support the extensions of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and to repeal the Capital Gains Tax and the Death Tax

2. Health Care: If elected, Lowden believes that Congress should pass meaningful medical liability reform. She believes that we should allow small businesses to better pool their resources together when employers are purchasing health insurance for their employees. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. We need to give small businesses the same purchasing power as big business and big labor. This effort, coupled with available Health Savings Accounts for consumers, will further drive down costs, both in your tax bill to the government and for your health insurance. She also believes that we should purchase health insurance across state lines, just as we are allowed to do when shopping for the best car or life insurance for our families. This would instantly bring more companies into the fold, competing for our business by offering more health care options at more affordable prices, and that Nevadans should be able to not only purchase their health care from other states if those plans are more affordable and meet their needs, but they should have better options of purchasing health insurance outside their businesses so they don’t lose their coverage if they lose or leave their jobs.

3. Federal Spending: If elected, Lowden proposes that the federal government mandate not only an immediate spending freeze, but that we ask all federal departments and agencies to cut 5 percent of their spending, except those tasked with protection our national and homeland security. Senator Reid and the Washington elites have dramatically increased federal spending in this country that we cannot simply stop the level of spending, by God, we need to reduce spending to get our nation back on a more stable, economic footing. She also thinks that if we do nothing, within the next decade, the federal government will be spending more just on the interest on our debt than we do on defense spending. By 2018, we will be spending more on interest than we do on non-defense spending including education, energy, transportation, housing and environmental protection.

4. 2nd Amendment: If elected, Lowden has stated she will monitor all legislation in Congress to ensure that no bills violate our Constitutional Rights as lawful citizens to own and possess weapons without government-imposed, illegal restrictions. In addition, she will not support activist judges to the federal bench who have shown any willingness in previous statements or rulings to dick around with our 2nd Amendment rights. And she will also be eager to join the pro-2nd Amendment Senators to file friend-of-the-court briefs in court cases dealing with our 2nd Amendment rights.

5. Israel: Lowden supports efforts to divest government-sponsored pension fund investments from state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran. As a senator, she will work to not only ensure that we enforce existing sanctions on the neo-Nazi Ahmadinejad government, but that we implement new, strict sanctions on these miserable, little cretins. In doing so, it is important that all options including military force be left on the table in seeing that Iran does not become armed with nuclear weapons. She also believes that as long as the American taxpayers continue funding the bulk of the United Nations operations and missions, we need to work to hold this entity accountable for their actions when it comes to the protection of Israel and its people. Israel has every right to protect its people from Hamas-fired missiles on innocent civilians in Gaza or from Hezbollah attacks from Lebanon. Israel is not just a global democracy worth defending, but it is a strong and loyal ally to the United States of America. And as a US Senator, Lowden will work to enhance our relationship, maintain our economic and religious freedoms, and stand firmly behind our shared, strategic goals and principles with Israel.

6. Borders: Lowden is probably the only candidate with a comprehensive border security plan, and it begins with not supporting amnesty, but rather enforcing current federal laws even if that means building a border fence. She believes that to stem the flow of illegal immigration, we must secure our borders. We have many tools at our disposal, between advanced technologies that help us track illegal attempts to penetrate our border, as well as increased numbers of border patrolmens, that when properly assigned to thus and such task, will help us stop the flow of illegal immigrants/burdens on our economy, as well as those who traffic drugs, people, or weapons illegally. We must also continue to penalize businesses that knowingly and willingly hire illegal immigrants. We have existing technologies and systems in place today that help us determine whether candidates for jobs within American businesses are in our country legally. In conclusion, Lowden believes that our immigration systems must be modernized and reformed so we can allow legal immigration to take place. It is unfortunate that thousands of people who seek the privilege of becoming an legitimate American have to wait seven to ten or even more years to become part of the American dream. Far worse is when politicians advance policies that would reward people who try to cheat us and enter our nation illegally on the hopes that we at some point will provide them amnesty.

7. Job Creation: If elected, Lowden will follow 3 basic principles for job growth. These are that when a government job is created, a private sector job is decimated by higher taxes on job-providers, we cannot continue to borrow money to support government spending because we only destroy the prosperity for future generations, and Increased taxes reduce the funds available for all private sector investment – which is solely responsible for real job creation. And to help in this matter, Lowden will work to cut the business tax on American job providers, cut the Payroll Tax, work to eliminate the Capital Gains Tax, repeal the Death Tax, diversify our energy resources, encourage innovation and investment in new industries, protect and preserve Nevada’s signature industries, enact real and meaningful lawsuit reform, work to significantly reduce the deficits of Reid and Pelosi, work to end massive bailouts and sweeping Washington takeovers, and help us to keep our money in the pockets of those who earned it.

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