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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conservative State Project Endorses Mike Vasovski for SC-03

Joining our list of endorsements such as John Oxendine, John Hostettler, Sue Lowden, and Mick Mulvaney, Conservative State Project is pleased to endorse Mike Vasovski for US Congress. Here are the 3 principles of which I support him on:

1. A Wall Separating Big Business and Big Government: Mike Vasovski knows that the essence of socialism is when the politically powerful wield their political power to protect and promote their own personal profits, and that it's why the foremost principle of our great Republic must be a separation of private profit from public power. When a politician uses their position for political gain and to get money, we call it corruption. When a company uses their money to influence a politician, we call them special interests. This double standard needs to end, as well as the practice of using government to benefit private businesses. The idea that government exists to serve big businesses is wrong and just as dangerous as the idea that government exists to regulate business. Governments exist to serve the people, not the business interests of wealthy and powerful individuals. It is with this in mind that our forefathers created the constitution, a document defining the limits of power. This was not an idea that came out of nothing, it was an idea that came about because they understood the dangers of letting government become too powerful, especially a government that could be bought and paid for by the wealthy interests of the world. It's time to let business and the Government do what's best for the people.

2. The Role of Government: Vasovski believes that governments exist to serve the people. This is the paramount idea behind the republic, that people know what's best for themselves, and they should be able to elect representatives that will represent their ideals. Do Americans think government acts like a government? We are mad when people stick their noses into our business, when other people simply assume that we're dishonest criminals. We are offended when other people tell us how to live, or what to believe, or what health treatments we should get. Why do we let government do these things? Why don't we get offended when politicians tell us what products are worth a tax credit, or when our politicians tell us we need to open our bank accounts to government inspectors? Why don't we get offended when our government tells us how long we can water our lawn, or what kind of light bulbs we use in our houses? We are not as stupid as our government presumes. It's time to remind Congress that it serves the people, not the other way around.

3. Partisan Politics: Vasovski believes we can't afford to turn away a good idea because it might have been proposed by someone on the other side of the aisle. A good idea is a good idea no matter whether sponsor is a Democrat or a Republican. We are Americans, a good idea from any of us ought to be considered on its own merit. It's time that our politicians stop playing games with the American people. We have real serious problems in this country today. The last thing we should be doing is arguing with each other over credit for the solutions. We need to focus on finding common-sense solutions to these pressing problems, not Republican solutions or Democrat solutions. It's time to put partisan games aside and start putting common-sense solutions in place to face the problems of the 21st century.

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