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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Idaho Introduces Constitutional Tender Act

From Constitutional Tender:

Our friends in Idaho have been working for some time now on their own version of a bill to restore constitutionally valid tender in that State, by restoring silver and gold as an alternative to Federal Reserve Notes. This bill, which they are calling the Idaho Constitutional Tender Act, was introduced on March 2nd in the House Ways & Means Committee. It has been assigned bill number 622.

I've been interacting with the members of The Idaho Sound Money Task Force (which includes monetary experts, state legislators, and interested citizens) for a number of months now, and have watched this bill come to fruition after several iterations. I have to say, I'm getting more and more excited as I see more and more states "coming on board" the sound money train!

This is great news! Unbacked paper money has contributed its part to the economic collapse. Your thoughts.

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