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Sunday, March 21, 2010

In the Wise Words of Joe Kennedy

"Look - I am one of the most hard core libertarians in the world as far as I can tell... Voting Libertarian will not solve this problem. Running as a Libertarian will not solve this problem.. The public is not voting that way... I hate to say it but it's the truth. We must do more... people have to do something. If anyone has actual home phone numbers of legislators I recommend them sending them out. We need to stop playing nice.

When I ran for senate people were all too eager to threaten me and my family right in my own home. I am not saying threatening is the answer - it's not... but when you call someone at home it sends a message. It says you are effecting my life, now I can effect yours. I will call you at all hours of the night because you are stealing from me. If you have the home phone number or personal cell phone number of any legislator - please post it and people please call it voicing your opinion. You are not off limits to them.... they should not be off limits to you...."

It is sad Americand will not give Independents, Constitution Partiers, and Libertarians a chance in the political arena. It's time to stop playing nice with the Republicans and Democrats and elect real Constitutionalists to office. Your thoughts.

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