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Monday, March 1, 2010

Mayor Adam Bradley Arrested over A Martial Dispute

Via Right Pundits:

How timely, what with it being Women’s History Month and VAWA being back in the news: A mayor in New York City has been charged with assaulting his wife by shutting a door on her hand. Fumiko Bradley, wife of New York Mayor Adam Bradley, accused her husband of placing her left arm against the door frame and closing the door on her hand and says her middle finger was injured. Adam Bradley acknowledges he and his wife have had marital problems but insists he “did not in any way mistreat” her.

He can insist all he wants, but he’s up against a powerful entity. Feminists have made it impossible for husbands and fathers to get a fair shake in this country. None of us has any clue how this particular circumstance unfolded. This is a situation that could easily have been an accident during a heated argument. If a husband wanted to physically harm his wife I can think of a thousand other easier ways than “placing her arm against a door frame” in order to close the door on her hand.

If there is evidence of Bradley having hurt his wife before, that’s one thing. But does this event automatically mean abuse? Absolutely not. I hesitate to even point out that the husband says he did not mistreat his wife because I can see people chuckling through the computer — as if it’s absurd to think that a man could be innocent. In America, men are always guilty before they’re innocent.

You can thank feminists for that.

Truly appalling. Your thoughts.

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