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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Retracting My Endorsement of John Oxendine

Upon reviewing the positions of Oxendine in comparison with the other candidates in the hunt for the GOP nod for the Georgia Governorship(namely McBerry), I have come to the realization that States Rights is a far more important issue than the FairTax, something you don't see Ox taking to heart. Plus, I've reviewed one of the candidates Tax Platform, and it is strangely similar to the FairTax. I like Ox's "Contract With Georgia", but we must remember the last time the GOP made a contract with us(The "Contract With America"). We were horribly disappointed. Nothing much changed, except there was more bi-partisan measures. We need real change in the Government. Therefore, I am withdrawing my support of John Oxendine for Governor and am contemplating who to support next, though I find myself leaning McBerry. That, however, does not mean I support the unfair attacks from the emerging Neo-Conservative/GOP Good Ole' Boy think tank RedState. Just my poinion, and I'd like to hear yours in the comments.

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