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Thursday, March 18, 2010

UT-SEN: Provo Mayor John Curtis Endorses Tim Bridgewater

From an e-mail from the Bridgewater Campaign:

PROVO – Provo Mayor John Curtis proudly endorsed Tim Bridgewater in his run for the U.S. Senate. Mayor Curtis believes Tim to be a true conservative, fiscally disciplined and a defender of the Constitution. As a fellow businessman he knows Tim will fight to reign in the out of control spending in Washington.

“I have known Tim for many years. He has achieved the American Dream, starting from a humble beginning and earning success through hard work and determination,” Curtis said. “He will roll up his shirt sleeves and work for the people of Utah. It is his can-do attitude that will change Washington and get our country back on track.”

“Tim’s message of sound financial management and conservatism is gaining momentum.” Curtis continued. “He will go to Washington and fight to cut spending and reduce the size and control of the Federal Government. Tim will make a great Senator for Utah.”

Bridgewater says he is honored to receive Mayor Curtis’ endorsement.

“Mayor Curtis is a respected leader and a good friend. I’m honored to have his endorsement.” Bridgewater said. “We both believe in sound fiscal management, limited government, and that it is time to send a new generation of leaders to Washington, D.C.”

Your thoughts.


  1. Bridgewater seems to be the one with real momentum, the others seem to be making it up. I predict he comes out ahead of the rest and out works the opposition.

  2. Wow. This is a heist. I'm not sure how influential Mayor Curtis is, but I'm surprised to see him turning on the Senator before the convention. Bridgewater might be on to something.

  3. As a former Bennett supporter, I applaud Mayor Curtis for supporting Tim Bridgewater, a candidate who has fresh solutions to bring about change. He has solutions and will make the difficult fiscal choices needed in today's Washington. Thank you Mayor Curtis!

  4. As one who worked for Bennett in 1992, I'm glad to welcome Mayor Curtis aboard the Bridgewater Bandwagon. The mayor is quite correct about Tim's understanding of the role of spending in our current distress, and about Tim's desire to bring it under control. I heard Tim say that Bennett has voted for 132 spending bills (out of 133) since going to Washington.

    That's a travesty, and my money (get it?) is on Bridgewater to stop it.


  5. Wow, a Mayor of a big city is willing to stand up against earmarks!? I wish I was in Provo to vote for him!

    Tim will have my vote!

  6. I think it takes some chutzpah to endorse someone at this stage of the game. I wish more Mayors would step up and do that. I like to know where they stand.

    Bridgewater is the only candidate in the race with significant fiscal experience so I am not surprised by the endorsement. I predict this is the first of many Mayoral endorsements.

  7. Compliments to Mayor Curtis of Provo, a man of Principal endorsing a candidate of Principal, Tim Bridgewater. Time for new truly conservative blood in Washington.

  8. Mayor Curtis really does not have anything to gain politically right now as he endorses Tim Bridgewater. This makes me think that he just likes what Tim stands for and is eager to support his bid for defeating Bennett. I like what I see in Bridgewater also.