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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your HCR Open Thread

Here's an Open Thread for the HRC vote. Tell us if you think it's gonna pass or fail. I think several Democrats are pretending to be for this just to please Pelosi and have this brought to the floor, but when the vote goes down, it will be a disastrous loss for the Democrats.

1:57 update: The House is in order.

2:01 update: Journal approved 224-189

2:09 update: Commendation of National Guard Agri-Business efforts passes 418-3

2:10 update: Congressman Gene Green(D-TX) speaks.

2:12 update: Congresswoman Louise Slaughter(D-NY) speaks.

2:15 update: The Reading Clerk is up.

2:16 update: Congressman Paul Ryan(R-WI) speaks.

2:19 update: Congresswoman Slaughter(D-NY) speaks again.

2:20 update: Congressman Ryan(R-WI) speaks again.

2:22 update: Congrats Congressman Ryan! He is showing us a chart with the real cost of HCR. Well done!

2:23 update: Congressman Ryan is showing us a chart with the "Tidal Wave of Debt". Well done!

2:25 update: The chart with the Department of the Treasury's 2009 Financial Report is being shown by Congressman Ryan.

2:27 update: Congresswoman Slaughter(D-NY) speaks again.

2:28 update: Congressman Patrick Kennedy(D-RI) speaks.

2:30 update: Congressman Peter Welch(D-VT) speaks.

2:32 update: Congressman Sam Faar(D-CA) speaks.

2:34 update: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee(D-TX) speaks.

2:35 update: Congressman Phil Hare(D-IL) speaks.

2:37 update: Congressman Steve Kagen(D-WI) speaks.

2:38 update: Congressman Chaka Fattah(D-PA) speaks.

2:39 update: Congressman Paul Ryan(R-WI) speaks again.

2:43 update: Procedural Challenge by Congressman Paul Ryan being voted on.

2:45 update: Charts show 209 firm no's for HCR, 193 firm yes's for HCR.

3:03 update: Procedural Challenge passes 228-195.

3:04 update: Congressman Darrell Issa(R-CA) speaks.

3:08 update: Congresswoman Slaughter(D-NY) speaks again.

3:09 update: Congressman Issa(R-CA) speaks again.

3:10 update: Congressman Jeff Flake(R-AZ) speaks.

3:12 update: Congresswoman Kathy Castor(D-FL) speaks.

3:14 update: Congressman Ted Poe(R-TX) speaks.

3:15 update: Congressman David Dreier(R-CA) speaks.

3:16 update: Congressman Dale Kildee(D-MI) speaks.

3:19 update: Congressman Todd Tiahrt(R-KS) speaks, and Congressman Bart Stupak(D-MI) denied a deal with Obama on Abortion Funding.

3:20 update: Congressman Issa(R-CA) speaks.

3:22 update: Congresswoman Barbara Lee(D-CA) speaks.

3:24 update: Congressman Chris Smith(R-NJ) speaks.

3:27 update: Congressman James Langevin(D-RI) speaks.

3:28 update: Congresswoman Judy Chu(D-CA) speaks.

3:29 update: Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner(R-WI) speaks.

3:31 update: Congressman David Scott(D-GA) speaks.

3:32 update: Congressman Issa(R-CA) speaks.

3:33 update: Congressman Dreier(R-CA) speaks.

3:36 update: Congressman Issa(R-CA) speaks.

3:37 update: Delegate Donna Christensen(D-VI) speaks.

3:38 update: Congressman Jack Kingston(R-GA) speaks.

3:42 update: Congressman Tiahrt(R-KS) speaks.

3:44 update: A Point of Order on Earmarks being voted on.

3:47 update: Protesters rally outside the capitol chanting "kill the bill". The Police can't keep them under control. GO PROTESTERS!!!

4:06 update: Point of Order passes 230-200.

4:11 update: Stupak will vote for HCR.

4:14 update: Kaptur also a yes.

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