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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Erick Erickson Bans another Conservative

From Conservative Heritage Times:

Erick is up to his old tricks again. He has now banned our friend Bill Greene, the creator of RightMarch, from Peach Pundit, a Georgia political blog that Erick also edits. Bill’s alleged offense was thread hijacking, but it is clear if you follow the link I provided that “Icarus” started the threadjack. “Coincidentally” the subject of the thread hijack was, among other things, the gold standard, an “outside the mainstream” topic that often seems to tip Erick over into one of his periodic taint hunting manias. Bill had already been banned from RedState by one of Erick’s minions for talking up the independent candidacy of Joe Kennedy against Scott Brown. Let’s just say that Erick, like Canadian Universities, doesn’t deal well with dissent.

If someone gets banned for other people’s threadjacking, especially an admin’s thread-jacking, and then isn’t told he’s banned, then the actions of that admin should be called into question, and in fact, that admin should be put on “time-out” until he apologizes to Bill Greene for attacking him without warrant, and learns to stop thread-jacking. Erick Erickson is a neo-con who has turned RedState and now Peach Pundit into what the old German Regime was. They are seemingly working to destroy this guy. And I know what an intolerant person Erickson is because he banned one of my friends Peach Pundit accounts(North Ga Indy) in the same fashion Mr. Greene was banned in, but it was probably because NGI was an ardent Oxendine supporter, and Erick and his boys have gone after my RS account because I don't support their choices for GA-GOV, NV-SEN, PA-SEN, SC-03, MO-SEN, and others(which is probably why my RS diaries always get largely ignored). Just childish. Your thoughts.

{Editors note: I would like to apologize for my over the top tone in my above post. Sometimes, I get worked up over such matters. However, there is a time and a place for such things, and this was neither the time nor the place to go off like that. Sincere apologies, SE}


  1. After reading this post I am confused who is being childish.

  2. My tone was way over the top and out of line with the standards I try to set for this site. I have edited my post into something more readable. Sincere apologies, SE.

  3. Dude, I guarantee that if you post this on RedState it won't get ignored.


  4. Aaron, I know what is good for posting there and what is not. It'll get noticed alright, but in a negative fashion which will lead to the suspension of my RS account, in fact, I'd make a safe monetary wager on the last'un.

  5. A disappointing, low-blow against Erick. I think your perspective is all wrong and that Erick did what he needed to do. Props to Erick.

  6. Checkout Jon Stewart's SHREDDING of Erick Erickson: