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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Open Thread

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I to honor dead Americans from all wars.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corporate ID Theft on the GA SoS Website?

You be the judge.

And Karen Handel knew about this, but did nothing about it. Just shows you how unqualified she was to hold the office of Georgia Secretary of State, much less Governor of Georgia. I'd support Roy Barnes over her cause we'd know what we're really getting from him than with Handel. Oxendine has proven himself capable of successfully running a campaign for Governor AND efficiently running the state Insurance Department, while Handel can't even efficiently run the Secretary of State's office OR a campaign for Governor. Your thoughts.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 18 Primary Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming Primaries on May 18:

KY-SEN GOP Primary:

Paul 53%
Grayson 44%
Stephenson 2%
Martin and Scribner poll either at or below 1%.

KY-SEN DEM Primary:

Mongiardo 51%
Conway 45%
Price 3%
Buckmaster and Farmer poll either at or under 1%.

Paul beats Mongiardo 51-49 in the General.

KY-03 GOP Primary:

Lally 50%
Reetz 41%
Hausman 4%
Durbin 3%
Wicker 2%

Lally loses to Incumbent Democrat Yarmuth 53-47 in the General.

KY-05 DEM Primary:

Prince 59%
Holbert 35%
Stepp 6%

Prince loses to Incumbent Republican Rogers 69-31 in the General.

KY-06 GOP Primary:

Barr 48%
Kemper III 39%
Lockett 8%
Barnes 4%
Pendergrass 1%

Barr loses to Incumbent Democrat Chandler 55-45 in the General.

AR-SEN DEM Primary:

Halter 47%
Lincoln 44%
Morrison 9%

AR-SEN GOP Primary:

Boozman 47%
Baker 24%
Holt 19%
Hendren 7%
Coleman 2%
Alexander, Ramey, and Reynolds will poll either at or below 1%.

I see Boozman beating Halter 55-45 in the General.

AR-LT GOV GOP Primary:

Darr 68%
Copeland 32%

I see Democratic challenger Broadway beating Darr 58-42 in the General.

AR-SoS DEM Primary:

Wilcox 55%
O'Brien 31%
Tate 14%

I see Wilcox beating Republican challenger Martin 59-41 in the General.

AR-State Land Commissioner DEM Primary:

Davenport 76%
Bryant 13%
Berg 11%

I see Davenport beating Republican challenger Thurston 64-36 in the General.

AR-01 DEM Primary:

Bryles 30%
Causey 29%
Cook 28%
Wooldridge 7%
Ponder 5%
Green 1%

AR-01 GOP Primary:

Smith 58%
Crawford 42%

AR-01 DEM Runoff:

Bryles 54%
Causey 46%

I see Bryles defeating Smith 54-46 in the General.

AR-02 DEM Primary:

Wills 48%
Elliott 43%
Boling 7%
Kennedy 1%
Adams 1%

AR-02 GOP Primary:

Griffin 60%
Wallace 40%

AR-02 DEM Runoff:

Elliott 51%
Wills 49%

I see Griffin beating Elliott 52-48 in the General.

AR-03 GOP Primary:

Womack 44%
Bledsoe 29%
DeLay 16%
Maddox 7%
Matayo 2%
Skoch 1%
Lowry 1%

AR-03 GOP Runoff:

Womack 62%
Bledsoe 38%

I see Womack beating Democratic challenger David Whitaker 57-43 in the General.

AR-04 GOP Primary:

Gallas 65%
Rankin 35%

I see Incumbent Democrat Ross beating Gallas 56-41 in the General.

PA-GOV DEM Primary:

Onorato 46%
Hoeffel 27%
Wagner 21%
Williams 6%

PA-GOV GOP Primary:

Corbett 78%
Rohrer 22%

I see Corbett beating Onorato 57-43 in the General.

PA-LT GOV GOP Primary:

Beilert 23%
Metcalfe 21%
Cawley 18%
Kennedy 13%
Urban 9%
Pepper 7%
McCue 5%
Diamond 4%

PA-LT GOV DEM Primary:

Saidel 47%
Conklin 42%
Smith-Ribner 11%

I see the General Election as a TOSSUP.

PA-SEN DEM Primary:

Sestak 53%
Specter 46%
Vodvarka 1%

PA-SEN GOP Primary:

Toomey 83%
Lusisk 17%

I see the General Election as a TOSSUP.

PA-03 DEM Primary:

Dahlkemper 92%
Marin 8%

PA-03 GOP Primary:

Kelly 51%
Fisher 32%
Grabb 13%
Huber 2%
Moore 1%
Franz 1%

I see Kelly beating Incumbent Democrat Dahlkemper 51-48 in the General.

PA-04 GOP Primary:

Buchanan 59%
Rothfus 41%

I see Buchanan beating Incumbent Democrat Altmire 50-49 in the General.

PA-06 DEM Primary:

Pike 47%
Trivedi 30%
Sellers 23%

I see Incumbent Republican Gerlach beating Pike 51-49 in the General.

PA-07 DEM Primary:

Lentz 68%
Touey 26%
Conner 6%

I see Meehan beating Lentz 49-48 in the General.

PA-08 GOP Primary:

Fitzpatrick 53%
Jones 34%
Hoffman 8%
Carlineo 5%

I see Fitzpatrick beating Incumbent Democrat Murphy 52-48 in the General.

PA-10 GOP Primary:

Marino 47%
Derk 47%
Madeira 6%

After weeks of recounts, Marino wins by 1 vote.

I see Marino beating Incumbent Democrat Carney 50.1-49.6 in the General.

PA-12 DEM Primary:

O'Brien 46%
Kanjorski 45%
Kelly 9%

PA-11 GOP Primary:

Barletta 77%
Paige 23%

I see Barletta beating O'Brien 53-47 in the General.

PA-12 Special Election:

Burns(R) 52 %
Critz(D) 48 %

PA-12 DEM Primary:

Critz 54%
Bucchianeri 44%
Mackell 2%

PA-12 GOP Primary:

Burns 56%
Russell 44%

I see Burns winning a full term over Critz 54-44 in the General.

PA-13 GOP Primary:

Adcock 48%
Quinter 43%
Haughton 9%

I see Incumbent Democrat Schwartz beating Adcock 63-37 in the General.

PA-15 GOP Primary:

Dent 85%
Benol 15%

I see Dent beating Democratic challenger Callahan 55-43 in the General.

PA-17 DEM Primary:

Holden 56%
Dow Ford 44%

PA-17 GOP Primary:

Argall 55%
Griffith 33%
First 10%
Ryan 2%

I see Argall beating Incumbent Democrat Holden 50.5-49.5 in the General.

PA-19 GOP Primary:

Plaats 64%
Smeltzer 36%

I see Incumbent Republican Plaats beating Democratic challenger Sanders 67-33 in the General.

OR-GOV DEM Primary:

Kitzhaber 59%
Bradbury 36%
Wilson 4%
Obrist 1%

OR-GOV GOP Primary:

Dudley 35%
Alley 29%
Lim 16%
Sizemore 13%
Watkins 4%
Colvin 2%
Karr 1%
Cutright and Forthan will finish either at or below 1%.

I see Kitzhaber beating Dudley 55-44.

OR-State Treasurer DEM Primary:

Wheeler 57%
Metsger 43%

I see Incumbent Democrat Wheeler beating Republican challenger Telfer 58-42 in the General.

OR-SEN DEM Primary:

Wyden 92%
Hooker 5%
Goberman 3%

OR-SEN GOP Primary:

Huffman 30%
Stutzman 24%
Parker 19%
Waldron 14%
Later 9%
Woodland 3%
Dinkel 1%

I see Incumbent Democrat Wyden beating Huffman 60-37.

OR-01 DEM Primary:

Wu 79%
Robinson 21%

OR-01 GOP Primary:

Kuzmanich 41%
Cornilles 38%
Brodhead 12%
Keller 9%

I see Incumbent Democrat Wu beating Kuzmanich 56-39.

OR-03 DEM Primary:

Blumenauer 84%
Sweeney 16%

I see Incumbent Democrat Blumenauer beating Republican challenger Lopez 71-24.

OR-04 GOP Primary:

Robinson 63%
Germond 37%

OR-05 GOP Primary:

Bruun 77%
Thompson 23%

I see Bruun beating Incumbent Democrat Schrader 51-49

Your thoughts.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GA-09 Special Election Thread

Today's the day when voters go to the polls to elect a new Congressman from my district, GA-09. The candidates running are:

Cardiologist Chris Cates (R)
Former State Rep. Tom Graves (R)
Former State Sen. Lee Hawkins (R)
Retired Neurosurgeon Bert Loftman (R)
Former State Sen. Bill Stephens (R)
State Rep. Bobby Reese (R)
Chickamauga City Councilman Steve Tarvin (R)
Hall County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Freeman (D)
Marketing Exective Eugene Moon (Independent)

I see the election going to a runoff with the results looking like this:


And the Runoff looking like this:


What do you think will happen here tonight?

BTW, as an aside, please consider supporting Bert Loftman for this seat. He is the only true Constitutional Conservative in this race.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conservative State Project Endorses Jimmy Norman for GA State Senate District 49

I don't normally endorse State Legislature races unless I deem them of great importance, and this is one of those races. Here, we have 2 good candidates for the State Senate seat vacated by Lee Hawkins in his run for Congress. The Special Election for this seat is in 4 days, and we've got no time to lose when it comes to unifying behind the better candidate who falls in line with our beliefs. From what I see, Jimmy Norman is that candidate, and here are the issues I base my support of Mr. Norman on:

1. God Given Rights: Mr. Norman believes that the proper role of government is to protect, not provide, the life, liberty and private property of the citizenry, and that we can run our lives and businesses better than government can. The founders saw that our basic rights such as life, liberty and private property were given to mankind by God, and not government. Governments can either choose to meddle with or protect these rights, not neither. Our federal, state, county, and city governments all meddle with our rights.

2. Tax Reform: Mr. Norman believes that Georgia should implement a state-appropriate version of the FairTax as Georgia’s main tax. For those who don't know, the Fair Tax is a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, Dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and a repeal of the 16th Amendment through companion legislation. By eliminating the Corporate Income Tax, the Personal Income Tax, and Property Taxes, Businesses will stay and grow in Georgia and new businesses will want to move to Georgia due to the favorable tax treatment, promote family productivity and savings, and will ensure the security of a person in his property rights after a mortgage is paid off. This is a very good idea and I believe it will truly help GA's economy in a positive way.

3. Life: Mr. Norman supports the idea of life from conception to natural death. This is one of the few areas where he thinks government has a right to intervene to protect life. He supports the death penalty for the crime of abortion where it is applicable by law.

4. 2nd Amendment: Mr.Norman, along with many other Americans, knows that the Constitution is clear that the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon by any Government or police force.

5. Water Rights: Mr. Norman believes that rain that falls on Georgia belongs to Georgia and no one else.

6. Georgia Budget: Mr. Norman believes that Georgia must adopt a zero-based budgeting process where every department has to justify every dime of taxpayer money received yearly. We should ensure we have people involved in the oversight process who have demonstrated their own ability to properly handle their personal budgets prior to overseeing the budgets of our state. He also believes that we should also eliminate departments and jobs that are no longer needed(My ideas would be any "Czarships", Education, Agriculture, Labor, Homeland Security, Energy, and maybe some others as well). Most large businesses have spent time downsizing and eliminating unnecessary positions over the past few years. Why doesn't Government apply the same things that businesses do?

7. Education: Mr. Norman believes that a child’s education should be based on the choices and control of parents, not bureaucrats, and that school vouchers should be made more available to every child in Georgia, which would remain unrestricted in their use for home schools, private schools, Christian schools, charter schools, tutoring, or government schools.

8. Free Market Solutions: Mr. Norman believes that less government regulation is the key for the success of jobs, businesses, individual people, and our economy. He holds true to the statement that “The government is good at one thing…it knows how to break your legs, and then hand you a crutch and say ‘see, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.’”

And here's Mr. Norman's self description:

"As a Christian Constitutionalist, I see what the Bible and the Constitution have to say about what government should do & that's ALL it should do.

Also, regarding the Bible, there is a difference between what IS a sin and what should be a crime. Just because it's a bad idea it's not necessarily government's role to force behavior. Government's role is to protect Life, Liberty & Private Property. Too often it promotes abortion, takes away our liberties and taxes away our property while trying to micro-manage our whole lives like some kind of OCD nanny with an attitude. No offense to the OCD among us; I have my share."

GA-GOV: Woman Admits Affair with McBerry

From My Fox Atlanta:

ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) - In her first television interview Tuesday, a 24-year-old woman said as a teenager she had a romantic relationship with Ray McBerry, who is now a Republican candidate for governor. McBerry denied any misconduct with the young woman.

Rachel Gandee's story first appeared on the internet and in newspaper accounts. Gandee addressed the allegations publicly Tuesday, in an effort she said to put the difficult time behind her.

"I mean, I trusted him so I went to him and he was the youth minister at the time," Gandee said.

Gandee said her relationship with McBerry took place eight years ago, over a period of several months. At the time, Gandee was 16 years old.

"I guess it was like any relationship when you first start off you know, [kind of] kissing, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It just [kind of] grew from there to what eventually happens," Gandee recalled.

Gandee said she and McBerry had sex one time.

Gandee, who is now 24 years old, works in Fayette County as a medical assistant and her husband, Chris, is an emergency medical technician.

"At the time, I was too ashamed and scared and didn't know what to think to say anything about it," Gandee said.

Gandee is now speaking publicly about the relationship, just as the race for governor heats up.

McBerry has been running for governor under a conservative states' rights banner and he has denied any misconduct.

"It's not true. There was no romantic relationship on my end," McBerry said. "The charge of any kind of sexual relationship came out of nowhere last week."

OMG, my head is going to explode due to the sheer sleaziness shown by the sheer sleaziness that is having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. McBerry should be ashamed of himself, and I am re-endorsing John Oxendine for Governor. Your thoughts.

UPDATE: Here's McBerry's e-mail to the GA Young Republicans on his disclusion from the debates:

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 5:03 PM
To: (redacted)
Subject: Saturday’s Columbia County YR Gubernatorial Debate


I have now contacted you twice regarding your violation of the Georgia YR’s rules in not inviting all qualified Republican candidates for the gubernatorial debate in Evans this Saturday. I expressed to you yesterday that I was calling for the purpose of trying to remedy the matter and make sure that you were aware that you are in violation of both the YR and GOP rules and principles; and you acted both unprofessional and discourteous by hanging up on me both times. Your assistant reported to my staff that you were not inviting me because of Ms. Handel’s decision to not appear at your debate if I did so.

Since you have heretofore not contacted my Campaign to let us know that you are extending an invitation to my Campaign to participate, as you are required to do per the Georgia YR constitution cited below, I am sending this email to you to instruct you what you are to do to remedy this problem immediately. I am no longer asking politely; I am giving you instructions. If you do not follow them, I will instruct our Campaign to file the necessary charges against you to have you removed from office and/or censured.

Contact my Campaign scheduling assistant, Jennie Jones, either via email at or via telephone at 404.916.9252 not later than 5:00pm on Friday 7 May 2010 to invite me to participate in the Evans debate on Saturday. If you call and get no answer, leave a voicemail inviting me to participate and providing whatever information the other candidates have received who are participating. Nothing less will be acceptable.

It is my hope that you will do that which both honours our rules and our principles as fellow Republicans. This is your last opportunity to respond correctly.


Ray McBerry
Republican for Governor 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

40 Years Ago Today

May 4 Senate Primary Predictions

Tonight, there's going to be Senate Primaries in NC, OH, and IN. Here's my predictions for the races:

IN-SEN: Incumbent Democratic US Senator Evan Bayh is retiring. Congressman Brad Ellsworth is unopposed for the Democratic nomination. Bank Branch Manager Don Bates Jr., Plumbing Contractor Richard Behney, former US Senator Dan Coats, former Congressman John Hostettler, and State Senator Marlin Stutzman are in the hunt for the GOP nomination. I see Hostettler winning 39-36-23-1-1 over Coats, Stutzman, Behney, and Bates Jr.

NC-SEN: Incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr is running for re-election. Senator Burr, Asheboro City Councilman Eddie Burks, Electronics Store Owner Brad Jones, and former State Representative Larry Linney are in the hunt for the GOP nomination. Former State Senator Cal Cunningham, Accountant Susan Harris, Attorneys Kenneth Lewis and Marcus Williams, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, and Minister W. Ann Worthy are in the hunt for the Democratic nomination. I see Burr dominating Linney, Burks, and Jones 90-7-2-1. I see Marshall avoiding a runoff over Cunningham, Lewis, Williams, Harris, and Worthy 50-34-11-4 with Harris and Worthy polling at or below 1%.

OH-SEN: Incumbent Republican Senator George Voinovich is retiring. Former Bush OMB Director Rob Portman is unopposed for the GOP nomination. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher are in the hunt for the Democratic nomination. I see Fisher crushing Brunner 67-33.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Take on the 2010 GA Races-Take 2

Here's a rundown of how I think the 2010 GA races will go:

Governor: Incumbent Republican Governor George "Sonny" Perdue is term-limited. On the Republican side, State Senators Jeff Chapman and Eric Johnson, Congressman Nathan Deal, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, Radio Station Owner Ray McBerry, State Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine, and Wal-Mart Employee Otis Putnam are in the running. On the Democratic side, Attorney General Thurbert Baker, former Governor Roy Barnes, Management Technical Consultant Bill Bolton, Ray City Mayor Carl Camon, Entrepreneur Randal Mangham, State House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, and former Labor Commissioner David Poythress are in the running. The Libertarians have unified behind Grady County Planning Commission Member John Monds. The Independents have unified behind Ray Boyd. Environmental Activist Sam Hay III is running as a write-in candidate. I expect Oxendine and Deal to make it into the Runoff. Oxendine will defeat Deal 59-41 in the Runoff. I expect Barnes to handily emerge 55-34-8-2-1 over Baker, Porter, Poythress, and Camon(Bolton and Mangham will poll below 1%). I see Oxendine prevailing over Barnes, Monds, and Boyd 52-43-4-1. GOP HOLD.

Lieutenant Governor: Incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Cagle. On the Democratic side, Journalist Tricia Carpenter-McCracken and Businesswoman and wife of State House Minority Leader DuBose Porter Carol Porter. I see Porter emerging over McCracken 76-24. I expect Cagle to trounce Porter 63-37. GOP HOLD.

Secretary of State: Appointed Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp will stand for election. On the Republican side, Kemp and Sandy Springs City Councilor Doug MacGinnitie are in the running. On the Democratic side, State Senator and 06' nominee Gail Buckner, Attorney Gary Horlacher, Real Estate Saleswoman Georganna Sinkfield, Public Relations Executive Michael Mills, and Businesswoman Angela Moore are in the running. The Libertarians have unified behind Aeronautics Industry Analyst David Chastain. The GOP Primary is a complete tossup. I see Buckner, Horlacher, and Mills as the Democratic frontrunners. Whoever the GOP nominates will defeat whoever the Democrats nominate. Kemp 65-35 over Horlacher, Kemp 61-39 over Mills, Kemp 59-41 over Buckner, MacGinnitie 60-40 over Horlacher, MacGinnitie over Mills 58-42, or MacGinnitie over Buckner 55-45. GOP HOLD.

Attorney General: Incumbent Democratic Attorney General Thurbert Baker is running for Governor. On the Democratic side, former Dougherty Circuit District Attorney Ken Hodges and State Representative Rob Teilhet are in the running. On the Republican side, Cobb County Commission Chairman Sam Olens, State Senator Preston Smith, and former US Attorney Max Wood are in the running. I see Teilhet emerging over Hodges 65-35. The GOP Primary is a complete Tossup. Regardless of who wins the GOP Primary, the race is a TOSSUP.

State School Superintendent: Incumbent Republican State School Superintendent Kathy Cox is running for re-election. On the Republican side, Cox and School System Administrators John D. Barge and Richard Woods are in the running. On the Democratic side, University Administrator Beth Farokhi, Educator Sandra Cannon Scott, and Teachers Joe Martin and Brian Westlake are in the running. The Libertarians have unified behind Teacher Kira Willis. The GOP Primary is a complete Tossup. I see Farokhi prevailing over Westlake, Martin, and Scott 57-34-5-4. I see whoever the Republicans nominate defeating Farokhi. Cox 53-42-5, Barge 55-42-3, or woods 57-40-3. GOP HOLD.

State Agriculture Commissioner: Incumbent Democratic State Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin is retiring. The Democrats have unified behind State Senator JB Powell. On the Republican side, Georgia Agribusiness Council President Gary Black and former USDA Official Darwin Carter are in the running. I see Black beating Carter 61-39. I see Black beating Powell 56-44. GOP GAIN.

State Insurance Commissioner: Incumbent Republican State Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine is running for Governor. On the Republican side, Attorney's Rick Collum and Maria Sheffield, State Senators Seth Harp and Ralph Hudgens, State Representative Tom Knox, Insurance Brokers Dennis Cain, John Mamalakis, and Stephen D. Northington, and Health Benefits Consultant Gerry Purcell are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind former State Senator Mary Squires. I see Harp, Knox, Northington, and Purcell as the frontrunners for the GOP Primary. Whoever wins will beat Squires by a large margin. Harp 64-63, Knox 64-36, Northington 60-40, or Purcell 59.5-40.5. GOP HOLD.

State Labor Commissioner: Incumbent Democratic State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond is running for the US Senate. On the Democratic side, Deputy Agriculture Commissioner Terry Coleman and Lobbyist Darryl Hicks. On the Republican side, State Representatives Mark Butler and Melvin Everson are in the running. Coleman will defeat Hicks 57-43. The GOP Primary is a tossup. I see the General as a TOSSUP.

Public Service Commission: Incumbent Republican Public Service Commissioner Bobby Baker is retiring. On the Republican side, Developer B. Joseph Brush, State Senators John Douglas and Jeff May, and Non-Profit Executive Tim Echols are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind Government Affairs Consultant Keith Moffett. I see Douglas, May, and Echols as the GOP frontrunners. Whoever wins will handily defeat Moffett. Douglas 62-38, May 60-40, or Echols 58-42. GOP HOLD.

US Senate: Incumbent Republican US Senator Johnny Isakson is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Isakson. On the Democratic side, former Rockdale County Commission Chief of Staff RJ Hadley and State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond are in the running. The Libertarians have unified behind Airline Pilot Chuck Donovan. I see Thurmond crushing Hadley 67-33. I see Isakson prevailing over Thurmond 53-47. GOP HOLD.

US Congress:

GA-01: Incumbent Republican Congressman Jack Kingston is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Kingston. The Democrats have unified behind Retired Farmer Oscar L. Harris II. I see Kingston defeating Harris 70-30. GOP HOLD.

GA-02: Incumbent Democratic Congressman Sanford Bishop is running for re-election. The Democrats have unified behind Bishop. On the Republican side, President of Medical Supply Company Rick Allen, Retiree Lee Ferrell, and State Representative Mike Keown are in the running. I see Keown defeating Ferrell and Allen 58-31-11. I see Keown narrowly upending Bishop 52-48. GOP GAIN.

GA-03: Incumbent Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Westmoreland. The Democrats have unified behind Educator Frank Saunders. The Independents have unified behind Alan Weaver. I see Westmoreland defeating Saunders and Weaver 68-31-1. GOP HOLD.

GA-04: Incumbent Hank "Guam" Johnson is running for re-election. On the Democratic side, Johnson, former DeKalb County Commission Chairman Vernon Jones, and DeKalb County Commissioner Connie Stokes are in the running. On the Republican side, Publisher Victor Armendariz, Management Consultants Liz Carter and Cory Ruth and Airport Hangar Manager Larry Gause are in the running. I see Guam standing 67-21-12 over Stokes and Jones. I see Carter pausing Gause, Ruth, and Armendariz 57-36-5-2. Guam won't be tipping over this cycle. He'll stand against Carter 71-29. DEM HOLD.

GA-05: Incumbent Democratic Congressman John Lewis is running for re-election. The Democrats have unified behind Lewis. On the Republican side, Attorney Fenn Little and Graphic Designer Kelly Nguyen are in the running. I see Little beating Nguyen 75-25. I see Lewis defeating Little 83-17. DEM HOLD.

GA-06: Incumbent Republican Congressman Tom Price is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Price. The Democrats have no candidates. GOP HOLD.

GA-07: Incumbent Republican Congressman John Linder is retiring. On the Republican side, State Representative Clay Cox, Gwinett County GOP Chairman Chuck Efstration, Real Estate Consultant Jef Fincher, Retiree Ronnie Grist, Minister Jody Hice, Human Resource Safety Manager Tom Kirby, CPA Tom Parrott, and Chief of Staff Rob Woodall are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind Marketer Doug Heckman. I see Cox, Efstration, Kirby, and Woodall as the GOP frontrunners. Whoever wins will defeat Heckman. Cox 62-38, Efstration 60-40, Kirby and Woodall 58-42. GOP HOLD.

GA-08: Incumbent Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall is running for re-election. The Demorats have unified behind Marshall. On the Republican side, Central Fellowship Christian Academy Dean Ken DeLoach, State Representative Austin Scott, and Nurse Diane Vann are in the running. I see Scott trumping DeLoach and Vann 63-29-8. I see Scott defeating Marshall 54-46. GOP GAIN.

GA-09: Former Republican Congressman Nathan Deal resigned on March 21, 2010. A Special Election will be held to see who fills out the remainder of his term. On the Republican side, Cardiologist Chris Cates, State Representatives Tom Graves and Bobby Reese, State Senator Lee Hawkins, retired Neurosurgeon Bert Loftman, former State Senator Bill Stephens, and Chickamauga City Councilman Steve Tarvin are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind Hall County Democratic Chairman Mike Freeman for the Special Election, but no Democrats filed for the General Election. The Independents have unified behind Marketing Executive Eugene Moon. I see the Special and Primary Elections as a tossup between Graves, Hawkins, and Stephens. GOP HOLD.

GA-10: Incumbent Republican Congressman Paul Broun Jr. is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Broun. The Democrats have unified behind Consultant Russell Edwards. I see Broun defeating Edwards 72-28. GOP HOLD.

GA-11: Incumbent Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey is running for re-election. The Republicans have unified behind Gingrey. The Democrats have no candidates. GOP HOLD.

GA-12: Incumbent Democratic Congressman John Barrow is running for re-election. On the Democratic side, Barrow and former State Senator Regina Thomas are in the running. On the Republican side, Special Investigator Michael Horner, Project Manager Raymond McKinney, Aviation Executive Jeanne Seaver, and Thunderbolt Fire Chief Carl Smith are in the running. I see Barrow defeating Thomas 60-40. I see McKinney, Seaver, and Smith as the GOP frontrunners. I see Barrow winning over whoever the GOP nominates. Barrow 52-48 over Smith, 53-47 over McKinney, or 55-45 over Seaver. DEM HOLD.

GA-13: Incumbent Democratic Congressman David Scott is running for re-election. On the Democratic side, Scott, Web Content and Graphic Designer Michael Frisbee, and Regional Manager Mike Murphy are in the running. On the Republican side, General Contractor Mike Crane, Salesman Hank R. Dudek, Small Business Owners Chip Flanagan and Rupert Parchment, Physician Deborah Honeycutt, and Restaurant Manager Dave Orr are in the running. I see Scott prevailing over Frisbee and Murphy 64-27-9. The GOP Primary is a tossup between Honeycutt and Parchment. Whoever wins the GOP Primary will lose to Scott. Scott 70-30 over Honeycutt, or Scott 61-39 over Parchment. DEM HOLD.