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Saturday, June 12, 2010

GA-GOV: Legit, Anti-Handel Arguments

1. "Karen Handel is responsible for the Electronic Voting System in Georgia. In direct and intentional violation of the letter of the Georgia State Constitution Karen Handel bought/caused to be bought a Voting Sysytem that does not have any manner of producing a hsitorical, paper trail of the Votes cast by Georgia citizens. The Gerogia State Constitution specifically and plainly states that this must be part of any Voting System used in Georgia.

Karen Handel violated her Oath of Office and under the precepts of the Georgia State Constitution should have been and should be charged with that crime. Eric - you do go along with the Gerogia State Constituion as being Law, do you not?? Just like the U.S. Constitution, Eric - the Georgia State Constitution is not some paperback novel to be “interpreted” to suit the political hacks and judicial miscreants agenda.

I’m an engineer. The present electronic voting system in Georgia is subject to illicit manipulation by almost any novice teen age hacker. It has no paper trail to validate the vote, should that be required. It is an absolute violation of the State Constitution and Karen Handel is responsible. End of story. The fact that the Courts failed to lawfully address the crime is just another indication of the level of corruption extant in the court system. Great thing about the wording of the Constitution on this matter - NO INTERPRETATION IS REQUIRED TO UNDERSTAND THE INTENT. Karen Handel violated the Law. You like her - go figure??

Karen Handel is just another Republican hack. I’m beginning to wonder about you- Eric. You have to have known about the Voting machine lawsuits and the unlawfull decisions brought down by the judges, also in violation of the Georgia State Constitution. How about that - Eric?? And what about the criminal charges some members of Karen Handels past staff are battling??

Karen Handel is just another Republican hack, who decided that the Gerogia State Constitution wasn’t really Law and could be ignored. How is it that doesn’t bother you - Eric??? Karen Handel is just more of the same political bovine effluent we have seen for years.

No thanks."

2. "Handel was the elected official ( Georgia Secretary of State ) responsible for vetting/approving the purchase. All she had to do was “just say no”; Handel just needed to obey the letter of the Georgia State Constitution. She didn’t do that, did she Hugh?? The bought and paid for judicial system in Georgia has supported her to date. Doesn’t say much for that bunch of judicial miscreants that heard the case; seems they just can’t read well enough to discern the plain English text in the Georgia State Constitution. I will give you the point that Cox should be charged with the same crimes Handel is guilty of.

For those interested folks the url below has a wealth of information on this issue."

Your thoughts.

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