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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Is The End

Well, friends, after long and careful consideration, I have decided to call it a night and shudder CSP. I've known this day was coming since around April, when I made a deeply regrettable post about RedState Editor Erick Erickson. We may have our differences of opinion, but there was no place for such a post. But that is not the reason I chose to leave. Rather, I've become bored with political blogging and the internet overall. I now see them as seductive wastes of time, when I could better focus my time reading up on things that interest me more than political mudslinging, such as music, and things that pertain to school work. I came into this(political blogging) thinking in terms of being king of my own universe, being a credible resource for information, etc. But since the beginning, I've realized this to be a more complex being that I had originally thought. You have to hunt for the original sources on stories, which I haven't the time for these days due to studying obligations, you have to have administrative skill, which is somewhat lacking on my part, and you have to relentlessly advertise the blog, something that is too time consuming to fit into an already busy schedule. In summary, this was a bit more than I expected it to be. Let the good bloggers blog and weed out the not so good bloggers. If we did a thorough thinning of the herd in the blogosphere, it would be less crowded and we would better know what to link to when a news story breaks. The midnight hour has passed at CSP, and so my friends: UPDATE(1/15/12): You can find me at my other site: And you can also find me guest-posting at Politicaldog101 and posting "diary entries" at Redstate.